11 chan

This replacement quickly became the site's second-most accessed board.In January 2015 the site was used as a base for swatting exploits in Portland, Seattle, and Burnaby, British Columbia, most of them tied to the victims' criticism of Gamergate and 8chan's association with it; On 2019 a post threatening mass shooting against Bethel Park High School was posted on 8chan; as a result an 18-year-old individual was arrested and charged with one count of terroristic threats and one count of retaliation against a witness or victim.A lawsuit against Louisiana State Police was filed on behalf of the record requester by Harvard lecturer and former public defender Thomas Frampton, alleging that the Police's refusal to release the list indicates that it actually believed the credibility of the hoax list and used it in investigatons and litigations.

An owner moderates each board, with minimal interaction from site administration.With a flood of new users on the board, Q asked one of the website's owners, Ron Watkins, to upgrade the website's servers in order to accommodate all of the board's website traffic on September 19, 2018.In September 2018, the Louisiana State Police were scrutinized for using a hoax list of personal information about supposed antifascist (antifa) activists originally posted on 8chan's politics board.We just sent notice that we are terminating 8chan as a customer effective at midnight tonight Pacific Time.The rationale is simple: they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths.

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