17 26 year old dating

I'm dating the most remarkable person I have ever met in my life and I started high school when it was his senior year. If she's not in college yet she's too young.(We met my first year of college.) Everything is going well. Who knows what her life will be like / the decisions she will make / where she will move upon graduation.Well, follow the age rule: Half your age plus seven.21/2 7 = 18She's too young for you until her 18th birthday, at which point she becomes arbitrarily old enough.It's not that I think that people who have graduated high school are inherently more mature or some switch gets flipped...it's that when high school is over, (historically) people leave home. I'm 21 as well, and here's my thoughts: I'm gonna be bored out of my mind talking to a seventeen year old.

Met her on an online site, and she asked for my number because she enjoyed talking to me? FML, the one girl that enjoys me is too young)EDIT: I'm not so much worried about the legality (it's 16 where I am)... I wouldn't be so much worried about the legal thing. She may appear to be mature for her age, but the devil is in the details. It definitely won't seem like a lot in the long run. Make sure you know this girl well before you take any unnecessary steps.So im a little older than some people but better late than never!Luckily i look very young so they probably wont even realise my age till I mention it I was in a relationship with someone who was 26 when I was 17.I fought my feelings for dp for a long time because I worried about being judged by society.In reality nobody cares and we frequently get told what a lovely couple we are to not invite my sister for Christmas, knowing she will spend it alone To report my bullying brother If I give up my employment because I can't afford to pay for childcare does that mean...

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