7 secrets of healthy dating relationships

Relationships can endure rough patches--and relish great ones--if a couple starts with a solid basis.When the first months of whirlwind romance are over, settling into a relationship takes more effort than you may realize.She was a humor columnist for The 1960 Sun in Houston.. She left her job as a journalist in 2008 to write novels fulltime.

Les hits upon the key to a successful dating relationship: That no person can meet all of another person's needs, and that people must have their ultimate needs Choosing who to date - and ultimately finding true love - is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.Touching can evoke several emotions, such as protection, encouragement, relaxation and arousal.Even if your relationship's sex life is fading slightly, physical affection is still needed.A successful couple will be able to weather changes together, adapting and supporting each other.According to biopsychology.org, touching is a fundamental human need which we all require for our well-being.

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