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While I’m sure there are some smaller companies out there that might consider this arrangement, I didn’t think it was a common practice and I had not come across many scenarios where this was the case.I spoke with a friend of mine that has worked in human resources for many years, and she confirmed my suspicions.Another might not care as much about bonuses, but loves international travel and truly values more vacation time.You need to decide what’s important to you, but during a negotiation, you don’t need to reveal to the company what’s most important to you. Let’s say that you are the work/life balance person, and really want to increase their offer from 2 weeks of vacation to 3.If Susan’s 10% raise was based on her previous salary, is this affected since her salary is now reduced? Next, you can use this information for negotiating leverage.

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In 2010 the OECD ranked the US #1 in total health expenditure per capita: ,233.In any negotiation, there are a number of things up for discussion: The key thing to note is that different people will put a different priority on each benefit.One person might really value a higher title, but be fine with the standard amount of vacation.She was offered a base salary of ,000, but because she would be listed on her husband’s health plan, she would not need those benefits for this new position.She had done her research and calculated that the cost savings for the employer would be approximately ,000, so couldn’t she argue for a ,000 salary?

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