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PSA and age values of 125 patients who were examined prostate biopsy with pre-diagnosis of prostate cancer in Gaziosmanpasa University Faculty of Medicine Department of Urology at the years of 2005 to 2007. Distribution-free ROC analysis using binary regression techniques.

An algorithm and code program was written that make simulation according to various condition using PROC IML procedure in SAS statistical software.

Results: According to the simulation study, if biomarker indicators in healthy group are constant and are lower or equal in healthy group than/to disease group, both adjusted AUC (Adj AUC) and AUC have small values and, no significant difference was found between them.

The AUC was significantly larger when the biomarker indicators in disease group were higher.

Three approaches to regression analysis of receiver operating characteristic curves for continuous test results.

An interpretation for the ROC curve and inference using GLM procedures.

A Linear Regression Framework for Receiver Operating Characteristic(ROC) Curve Analysis.

In addition, if the correlation between the covariate and biomarker is high in disease group and if AUC is approximately 0.75, then there is significant difference between adjusted AUC and AUC.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), a biomarker used for prostate cancer diagnosis, was analyzed based on the adjustments by age. Matching in studies of classification accuracy: implications for analysis, efficiency, and assessment of incremental value.

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