Accommodating employees with disabilities policy college

SUNY Empire State College is committed to assuring equal employment opportunity and equal access to services, programs and activities for persons with disabilities.

It is the policy of the College to provide reasonable accommodation(s) to a qualified person with a disability to enable such person to perform the essential functions of the position for which he/she is employed or is applying for employment.

Usual characteristics of the essential functions of a job are time spent, consequences of error, skill or expertise involved, and the availability of other employees.

Under normal circumstances the essential duties would be included in the employee's performance program.

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A job applicant may request an accommodation from the Office of Human Resources (OHR) by completing an Application for and Report of a Reasonable Accommodation form (Section A) and submitting the same to OHR.The College is bound to abide by all laws and regulations that are applicable at the time of the application of this Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedure to any given employee’s circumstances.Therefore, for the text of the statutory definitions of these key terms, please see Under the ADA, a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity (i.e., hearing, speaking, seeing, walking) or a record of substantially limiting impairment, or someone regarded as having a substantially limiting impairment.Under the NYSDHR, a disability is a physical, mental, or medical impairment resulting for anatomical, physiological, genetic or neurological conditions that prevents the exercise of normal bodily function or is demonstrable by medically accepted clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques, or a record of such impairment, or a condition regarded by others as such impairment.These are the essential job duties that an employee must be able to perform with or without a reasonable accommodation.

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