Accomodating party

We did combo parties - so we didn't go by that rule - but screw it.

Unless you are close to the whole class, don't invite them!

and the result is one parent is responsible for multiple children at any given time.

Would you really expect a parent to hire a babysitter for the invited child's sibling(s) so they can attend your kid's party?

If it is at a venue, parents should understand to not bring siblings because you have to pay for them too.

If it is at your house, I would make sure that the invitation was adressed to the invited guest only.

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"; "Follow these simple rules"; "abide by the rules" their manners and their morals to the community in which they live; and if they can occasionally obtain a degree of reverence for their supposed spiritual gifts, are, on most occasions, loaded with unmerciful ridicule, as possessing a character inconsistent with all around them.Parties continue in the KZAM Event Room outfitted with a DJ, lighting, quality acoustics and a gaga ball pit.The DJ and MC run the activities with the preferences of the birthday child always in mind.Oh for God's sake, keep your bitterness to yourself.Many people DO just send regrets when they have no one to watch the younger siblings.

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