Adult chat at compuserve

While that figure is impressive enough on its own, it becomes even more impressive when you look at the numbers for gay dating sites.

Some gay hookup sites exist solely as sites, others incorporate both a browser and app version — others, only have a mobile presence and can only be accessed via an app.

This, in the hopes of being able to offer our readers additional insight to all of their gay hookup options.

We like to take a varied perspective in our reviews because we know that each one our readers will be looking at a gay hookup site from a different direction. You will want — and need — to know everything; from the basics of its functionality to the complexities of its user interface.

As smartphones continue to improve in technical capacity — with even entry-level models now offering immense levels of power — it is logical to assume that the numbers of gay men using gay hookup apps will increase in the coming years.

It will be like carrying a hookup bar in your pocket — accessible to everybody.

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