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Maybe you do want to put a live person in to help lead them through to conversions. Ryan Lawler: How big is this conversational interface market right now?

And how has it changed just over the past few years?

There’s so many different ways to ask that, you need to look at the analytics to see what’s happening. And it goes a bit to what you’re underlying use case is. So this allows developers to, basically, provide better answers because first of all, they might have an idea of how people will use their platform but they don’t actually know until it gets put into practice, right? So there’s a popular pizza company I can’t mention, but you can order pizza through seven different conversational interfaces.

Is it more to increase engagement, or are you doing customer service and you want more for the user satisfaction and all. And you think they would know how folk order pizza or ask for a pizza.

Ryan Lawler: So you mentioned Jesse and Dennis, your co-founders, what’s your background with them? And Jesse’s background is he had a social gaming company that he sold to the Game Show Network.

So you do see voice, Alexa, Google Home related things like that, all the variations of those Facebook style chatbots and We Chat, and Line, and Telegram, and Kick, and web-based ones, and home-grown ones.

You see everything and the data is really fascinating how people use these things and how they’re interacting.

What do you do with your customers, and how are they using you today?

Arte Merritt: As I mentioned, we’re an analytics platform for these conversational interfaces, so we enable brands, developers, enterprises to increase engagement, monetization, user satisfaction. At a high level, the way it works is a copy of every message in or out from the chatbot or voice skill gets sent to us, and we just take care of the rest. And part of the reason for this is there’s a lot of additional metadata that’s sent in, it’s unstructured data.

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