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China’s also been bitten by the reality television bug.Dating game-style shows are popular entertainment in China, though no one expects them to lead to any long-term commitments, said Wang.Also, there's Tantan, but that's more like a Tinder-style thing, but can still be interesting for conversations.You might have luck with Line or Kik, I haven't tried them.This phenomenon developed organically more than a decade ago in Shanghai and has since sprung up in other parts of China, said Zhen Trudy Wang, a former Caijing magazine reporter in Shanghai who now works for a public relations firm.People were meeting at the park anyway to practice dancing, badminton and martial arts. “Matchmaking” is actually a more accurate term than “market,” which implies that money is exchanging hands, noted Wang.It’s impossible to say whether the matchmaking corner in People’s Park is producing any loving couples, but there are some anecdotes.Wang said her cousin met her boyfriend while she was walking through one such site with her friends, and she caught the eye of his mother.

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Creeps will be everywhere, especially so if it's not in person, and like it or not, they are present amongst every civilised state- you can filter out those kinds of responses if you feel it's appropriate for your research, but it's probably best to mention it in a footnote etc.

From his funny, catchy animations to his hilarious, unauthorized Harry Potter commentary, Brad Neely always makes my life a little more enjoyable.

Maybe try doing a search on the Baidu appstore or whatever people use now?

Also, you might want to check out chatrooms that run alongside is China's equivalent to Twitch, you might have some luck on there.

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