Adult dating in wood south dakota

Furthermore, she also messaged this woman’s husband attempting to convince him that his wife was cheating on him.

She is a pathetic, insecure little hypocrite who always has a cigarette in her toothless slore mouth.

After a couple days of her talking about how sexy i was(which now i know i was only sexy for my money), she texted me and told me that her and her boyfriend had broken up, and that she wanted me to come over and lay some pipe. After a couple of months, i started to notice that she only wanted to hang out if i had money on me, and could buy her food, and other things.

We had sex about 6-7 times a day, including fellatio and unprotected. I thought i was in love, and i thought she was in love with me too. She would tell me that she isnt a cheater, but there was some instances where she was raped while in a relationship with her ex-husband and he was overseas at war.

Finding out her name wasn’t hard cause she’s known in this little town.

Other stories people told me is that she takes advantage of drunk guys at parties and she’s supposed to be in love with her son’s dad, who’s locked up in jail.

I met her some time ago and she was dating someone, which i respected, and told her that we couldnt do anything unless she was single.She’s a miserable bar slore that screws anything with a d***.Breaks up families and relationships and doesn’t even skip a beat. Taylor Davis-Bohr will literally have sex with anything with a [email protected]#k then complain that men don’t care about her.Chris has been a lying cheating dog for years and strings all of these dumb girls around.He’s married has 3 grown daughters, a 9 year old daughter and a baby. hanging more than twice while he went out got drunk and high and came home smelling like p**$y – like he just ”got him some”.

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