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Stephen, Christine and Wayne Crider all took the stand as prosecution witnesses on Wednesday.

Wayne Crider, the adult-age grandson of Floyd and Gloria Crider and first cousin of Journy Lee Snead, told the jury that he last saw his grandfather alive with Snead that afternoon around , when they left the home together to take trash to the dumpster.

A 37-year-old Halifax man has been charged with sexual assault and strangulation and is being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Halifax under no bond.

Joseph Murphy Bailey of 3020 Dudley Road, Halifax, was arrested June 4 for an alleged assault incident on or about the same day.

Moments later, Gloria Crider “came out the front door like it was nothing,” according to the testimony of Christine Crider, wife of her son Stephen.

The three family members also testified that Snead ran over to their residence to tell them that Floyd Crider had been killed.

Wayne, through tears, said that this is the last time he saw his grandfather Floyd alive.

The third day of the first-degree murder trial of Journy Lee Snead brought forth testimony by family members who described how the defendant, in league with his grandmother, made comments suggesting they might kill his 75-year-old grandfather, Floyd Crider of Halifax.

Defense lawyers, meantime, sought to punch holes in the prosecution’s case against the 32-year-old defendant, saying the evidence against Snead is circumstantial and not supported by forensic evidence that the defense argued should have been collected at the scene.

(Editor's note: This story has been edited from the original, which noted that the police warrant described the offense as anal penetration.

The reference has been removed upon receiving further information about the nature of the alleged crime.

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