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“In the three months since they married they have had lots of sickness – he had a tumour, she has been vomiting. “Sometimes you find these people who really have no one and so they turn to these pages to finds someone who will pray for them.

It’s so heart-breaking that you are the only person they can turn to.” For many viewers, whether they do or don’t have a church connection, the show gives pastoral support.

One of the last topics we talked about was domestic abuse.

The episode talked directly to the domestic abuser and presented ‘Seven things you should know as an abuser’.

A studio jazz trio creates a relaxed vibe in between chat segments and practical reports demonstrate everyday skills varying from how to survive an interview to how to buy a second-hand car. “Whenever we’re at any gatherings men of all ages and backgrounds tell us the show has really made a difference.” This year the team have increased the interactivity by developing its Facebook page.

It offers a variety of dynamic programmes 24/7, designed to attract teen and adult Arabic-speaking viewers.There’s something for everyone – from women’s chat shows to deep theological studies; lifestyle programmes to current affairs – but through it all is the thread of God’s love for the world through Jesus Christ.Each of our channels has a viewer support team, ready to receive phone calls, emails and social media messages from those with questions, prayer requests and comments.See the full list of restrictions in the table below, or read more at the If you want to send messages to or from the UAE, our sales advisors can help you put together a program that meets your critical business needs.We have the knowledge and expertise to help ensure that your SMS messaging program works effectively, so get in touch with [email protected] get the ball rolling.

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