Advice on dating a younger man

It is up to you to decide what motivations on his side of the equation are acceptable to you and which are not.And you also must keep your mind alert to the possibility that he just wants to use you for some devious purpose.And don’t try to go rock climbing with him just so he won’t think you’re too old.You can love him for what he brings to your life, and you should let him love you for who you really are and for what you add to his life.Go ahead and live out some of those fantasies you were too shy or inhibited to try when you were younger.Teach some young guys how to be real men or just enjoy their youthful exuberance.From those early crushes on the babysitter or elementary school teacher, guys have found fascination and comfort in the loving eyes of attractive ladies many years older.It is not only possible but likely that his feelings are true and well-intended. Nevertheless, you need to get a sense of what he’s after.

Don’t dress like a hip hop party girl or go clubbing, drinking and smoking until the sun comes up.

One of the older women dating younger men advice says that the experiment should be taken in to account while dating.

It is well known that when the women are of older age then she is having much experience in many fields.

Guys don’t even consider a 10-year difference to be a big age gap, as they almost always date somewhat younger.

But women typically date guys a little older, and this magnifies the spread.

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