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Featuring Chris, 64, who has achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, Ray is 49, an office-worker who has a learning disability, and Steve, 30, who has a facial disfigurement, Crouzon Syndrome. And postman Sam plans to ask Francesca if she will be his girlfriend.Rock musician Daniel is dreaming of a girlfriend for Christmas. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this show when it was first introduced from newspaper companies such as The Mirror and The Guardian, due to the word 'undateable' being used in the title to describe people with mental and physical disabilities.Dr Rachael Pickering said the series left her "disturbed at being part of a society that might seek to view disabled people as a source of comedy".She also spoke with the BMA, British Medical Association, annual representatives about the danger of patients being exploited by the TV documentary.Under the scheme, and in recognition of the duty of care owed to the family of the deceased subject, for a period of 25 years following the date of death of the subject and without the consent of the next of kin, Where the consent of the immediate next of kin has been given for its release to a third party, the 25 year threshold will not apply allowing the release of all the information available under the publication scheme at any time, subject to the payment of an administration fee and the provision of a death certificate (except where death was in service).Subject to the payment of an administration fee of £30 per record and provision of a death certificate (except where death was in service), certain information can be provided from the records of service of service personnel on request under the publication scheme.

The documentary has been narrated by Sally Phillips throughout.The safety and respect of our models is our number one priority.This Website contains explicit sexual material that may be offensive to some viewers.In an interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, two stars of the then-upcoming fifth series, Tammy and James, hit back at these assertions, with Tammy stating that “I find it quite insulting that I would be exploited in any way.This is the site for those of us still young at heart and is a seniors dating site in the UK for the over 40's!

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