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Lafleur was simply a stamped designation for the British company importing the line.

9) Here are the major line changes and relative saxophone serial numbers as understood to date: a) P1001 line starts, Haynes patent in serial number stamp.

4) All so called Conn stencils after 1919 are from the Pan American factory, line and share the Pan American serial numbers and features. After 1930,all so called Conn Stencils come from either the Pan American or Cavalier lines and share their respective serial numbers or features.

5) Pan American did have internal stencils made for the Continental Music Company or the various Conn stores.

I started gathering serial numbers for Pan American woodwinds back in January to prove they are under a system different than brass.

By March, I was able to prove this owing to several duplicated numbers.

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They seem to correspond with the contemporary Conn model and not the Pan American.The names include America First, Liberty, Common-Wealth, Soloiste, International, Continental, Continental Colonial and Continental Clarion (Cavalier line).6) Private label stencils are too numerous to list here, but include other manufacturers, distributors (jobbers) and retailers not owned or controlled by the Conn Ltd Organization.7) Pan American saxes were stencils 45-47% of the time. The earlier years have the highest ratio of stencils for both lines.8) Based on the examples I have seen Lafleur, was not a stencil when Conn models were included.

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