Alex ovechkin dating russian model Naught blackchat com

According to rumors, an enviable bachelor and ladies' man (yes, Ovechkin was just like that! This interview, which did not end at the command of the operator "Stop", grew into a romance.

Ovechkin was so interested in model that, according to rumors, he even introduced her to his parents.

By the way, Sevastyanova quite calmly treated the reputation of the hockey player as an outrageous ladies' man. Someone changes them more often, others - less often, "she declared.

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They are both from Moscow, Russia but currently live in the United States.

But, alas, it all ended in failure: Maria broke off the engagement.

According to rumors, the girl took this decision when she learned that Ovechkin started having an affair with the 19-year-old gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova.

Next up they will enjoy Fall and then maybe Winter if they’re still getting along. RELATED: Did Maria Kirilenko Dump Fiancée Alex Ovechkin Over an Instagram Photo?

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