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it all started when i was a wee girl, 4 or 5 years old.

we lived a house (a cold, big, old house in lexington, massachusetts, usa) with two pianos: one old spinet and the cherished steinway.

i wrote the lyrics in lined composition books and sometimes recorded with my four track and dreamed that one day, when i was grown up and famous, that someone would find them interesting for posterity’s sake.

they found an alley and built a shack out of cardboard beer boxes and scrapwood.i’ve found a nice piano teacher who hasn’t tried to seduce me and have high hopes about learning how to really read music. A few months ago, the musician and performance artist Amanda Palmer posted a video announcing the March release of her album “There Will Be No Intermission.” In it, she stands in a romantic-shabby living room. This performance will last six years,” before going on to summarize the ups and downs of the last six years of Palmer’s life, which include having an abortion, giving birth to a son and getting yelled at on the internet.i’m not very proud of that performance, but it makes a good story. it was called “potential”: i didn’t perform my songs for the general public, really, until about that time at college (college…), when i was about 18, and set up a few little shows in cellars and coffeehouses. but i did take piano lessons during college with a very good teacher who taught me more about sight reading. after i moved back and finished up college (college…), i decided to embark on a serious rock star career and started “Amanda Palmer and the Void” with jonah sacks on cello and (briefly) martin bernert on drums.the audience would usually respond with a confused silence, hesitant applause and an occasional acquaintance’s hug (as if to say: you poor girl, amanda, i had no idea…..). jonah was also my lover and when the relationship died so did the musical collaboration. Zeitgeist, at the time of this writing it has just burned in a Great Fire).

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