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Some pages are a compendium, sourced from different providers, and it is difficult to be certain, in some cases, what is coming from where.

The main points to be aware of: screener – screener – the time of writing the HTML database contains 8467 listings, but sadly only allows users to view screened lists 20 at a time, while the newer There is, however, the ‘mother of all indexes’ at: (it seems likely that this index is provided by CSI, based on it’s size and content e.g.

Ami Broker Yahoo Group message #116257 “Flags to get industry data from yahoo” Filed by brian_z at am under Yahoo Yahoo sources data from a number of providers who are acknowledged at the bottom of the Y!

Finance page: The partner page link in that section opens a list of delayed intra-day data suppliers: As well as that, other providers are acknowledged in other places e.g. The obvious point is that there are, at the least, two historical quotes databases, a fundamental database and several delayed intra-day data streams used, in different ways and in different places, at the site and there is no relationship between them in anyway.

database and continue updating historical EOD data. Option of Daily, Weekly and Monthly or Intraday data. Sometimes this occurs because there have been symbol (name) changes or companies have restructured in some way (mergers, de-listings) and this is not reflected in the Yahoo database. OB (I recently purchased Ami Broker & downloaded historical quotes from Yahoo. Also search the Yahoo message board archives, or the Help manual, for $volfactor to find additional information.

In years past, the ASX had a different mechanism for determining the open and closing price of a stock, ending up with a weighted average of the bids/asks to come up with one open/close price (which would often be a fractional amount).Comments, where included, are the opinion of the individuals concerned and are not necessarily correct.In some cases they may be ‘out of date’ as circumstances change with time. No delisted history – any system testing you do based on Yahoo data is subject to population bias.Typically the ticker list, as setup, will contain a couple of hundred redundant symbols (symbols that return an error message when attempting to download historical data for them). OB (over the counter stock) and are not relevant to the majority of traders.Users can elect to delete them from the database or go to the Yahoo site, or other sites, to find the cause of the ‘download error’ e.g.

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