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Cross over the South River Bridge from downtown Annapolis and, almost immediately, things start to feel different.

The traffic dwindles, the pace slows, and you soon find yourself in the beautiful, pristine Annapolis Countryside, where much of what you'll witness appears as if time has stood still for hundreds of years.

Now you can see fishing boats rush in before the tide rolls out, leaving them on the ocean floor.

Also be sure to take some time and watch as fishermen unload their catch. Its restaurant serves a “Lobster in the Rough” interactive dinner experience that owner/operator Sharla Cameron describes as “a one-of-a-kind Nova Scotian adventure” where you can “witness the movement of the highest tides in the world while savoring the Bay of Fundy’s cold water lobster and other fine seafood in our harbor-side restaurant.” Here, Cameron adds, you can “gain knowledge on the Fundy tides, the fishing and lobster export industry, and lobster biology from our friendly and experienced staff.

Visit small maritime villages that look like time forgot.

Dine in their restaurants, featuring fresh local seafood and produce.

Part of what makes the Annapolis area so special is that you can find any of these appealing options here—all within close proximity to one another.

Meet the folks who live and work here-some still make a living off the land and the water.The unassuming building, where John Jacob Astor IV and other wealthy victims were brought following the R. Today, this fertile region produces an abundance of harvests from the land and sea.All across the area, chefs, fishermen, farmers, and vintners work together to create exceptional culinary experiences by using the richness of the valley’s offerings to elevate cuisine with both fresh ingredients and bold flavors.Most notable on Norbert’s menu is the Seaport Market Full Breakfast, which fills a plate with eggs, bacon, potatoes, and greens all produced by farms represented in the market., a fitting place for a pint in a city once home to rumrunners and privateers.Pull up a stool and grab a glass of one their many rotating brews, like nut brown ale, Irish red, and raspberry wheat.

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