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star recently flirted with the woman in the comments section of her Instagram page after she posted a photo of the two of them.

As the outlet revealed, Beador was believed to be dating several women when he split from Shannon last fall but these days, he seems to have eyes for just one.

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But overall really enjoyed it, and love how it turned out now that it's finished.

Some of the more common clickbait practices were ones related to events such as Ready Player One after fewer and fewer people began falling for hacking rumours.

Some of these have unfavorable members of their fanbases, raiding Discord servers belonging to Roblox admins, spamming things on the forums, and generally being a nuisance to players.

As Shannon Beador adjusts to life as a single mother of three teenagers, her husband is reportedly back in the dating game.

According to a new report, 53-yr-old David Beador is allegedly involved in a new romance with a 34-year-old blonde woman and not hiding a thing on Instagram.

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