Ansonia clock dating

Ansonia Clocks Has Ceased Production Ansonia Clocks were one of the major 19th century American clock manufacturers.It produced millions of clocks in the period between 18.They also built some smaller, space saving solid cherry traditional cabinets with Chiming Westminster and Bim-Bam German Quartz movement with 1/4 hour chimes and / or hourly strike.

Chime Silence Levers and Beveled glass in precision hand-fitted and soldered brass fretwork.Black japanned cast iron base, mounted with classical figure of the arts in spelter. Condition: good, working order, feet slightly off centre.Height 29.5 cm Show 14 more like this An Ansonia mantel clock, retailed by A.They also sold clocks and pocket watches that had been manufactured by other companies, including: By the 1900s the company had added wrist watches to their inventory and continued to produce these until 1960 when the company went out of business.Because of the link with the Jerome Company, New Haven Clocks may be found with the trademark "Jerome & Co." Since Jerome was much better known worldwide than New Haven, the company used this trademark until 1904.

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