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The two bold black lines represent marginal curves of declination and inclination of the obtained secular variation reference curve for Austria surrounded by their 95 per cent error envelope (grey area).

In order to use this scattered data set for obtaining a SV reference curve smoothing has to be applied, which should provide bivariate spherical curves of declination and inclination versus time together with a 95 per cent confidence limit.

The time interval before 300 BC is only poorly covered and further gaps appear during the time intervals from 450 to 650 AD and 750 to 900 AD.The obtained reference curve represents the past 2300 yr.New data, mainly from Austria, substantiate this curve and confirm the validity of the techniques employed which can, therefore, be applied for similar situations.all those directions have been discarded for which the number of samples was less than 3, the precision parameter less than 50 and the age interval longer than 400 yr, or the age was before 1000 BC.The compiled data set consists of 170 directions (see Table 1) for which the geographic distribution is seen in Fig. All these directions have been corrected for their geographic variation to the centre of the area (Radstadt) by using the virtual geomagnetic pole correction introduced by Le Goff (1992).

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