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Eliot/Parker was popular at the beginning of the show because of a great chemistry between the actors, but now, with canon pairings firmly established, Eliot/Parker doesn't appear to be growing.There is a reasonable amount of femslash, mostly featuring Parker/Sophie, with some Sophie/Tara and Parker/Tara happening after Tara was introduced.In December 2012, Ruth Alderson tweeted the question with the hashtag #Leverage: "Um.Did John Rogers just use his series finale to make the OT3 basically canon?They're joined on their first job by Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), a grifter and part-time actress.During the second season, a new character joined the cast temporarily: Tara Cole, a grifter who was filling in for Sophie while Sophie was off finding herself. The show runner, John Rogers, has a long-running blog, Kung Fu Monkey.At the first official convention for Leverage Fans, Con-Con, a vote was taken and the term "Grifters" was adopted as the official name for Leverage fans.

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The event was a co-production of TNT, Dean Devlin, Electric Entertainment, and MBL Entertainment.

Rogers has also, in a post on his blog, expressed broadly positive sentiments about fanworks (albeit tarred with some inaccuracies), saying he thinks that "fanfic is the sign of a healthy show".

He also was extremely active on Twitter, answering questions about the show, for example: held March 19-21, 2010 at the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

", to which she received a tweet from Rogers that said: "You're welcome." Some fans of Leverage find various elements of the series deeply problematic.

Issues relating to race and the representation of countries other than the U. are troubling to certain viewers: "Its well-meaning white liberal niceness is so far away from the kind of political awareness I demand from anything I am expected to give intellectual acknowledgement to, that I resent it for falling so short." Because of the premise of the show revolving around conning others, and the cast pretending to be people they aren't, stereotypical and joking portrayals of minorities troublingly reoccur.

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