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), so of course we had to have the cast come to the Glamour offices to chat season two spoilers, Team Matty vs. But grab some tissues before you read—their stories are so funny, we were in tears from laughing so hard! Source: via Ifelicious on Pinterest And this is her love interest, Matty (Beau Mirchoff). Molly: I was once up around here shopping with my mom. I was a theatre kid, so just being on stage a lot and stuff and singing and lots of times being off key and not knowing it until you get the video later. There's a lot of awkward videotape out there, let's put it that way. Well, you're in , and there's a lot of tights. I got him because my parents when I was six said that if I finished three books that vacation I got to get him. They're a cool little collection, but don't go with anything and probably never will be able to be displayed.

I took the bite of spaghetti, and I slurped it up, and there was spaghetti sauce all over me. I thought she was going to want to take a picture—she was probably in middle school or something—and I took a picture with her mom. Molly: I have another one though, it's pretty good. " I was like "I know, like a Kardashian or something." And she goes "That girl from ! If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. Source: via Ifelicious on Pinterest And this is Jenna's enemy, Sadie, played by the hilarious Molly Tarlov. I was wearing a skirt, and I had short hair when I was like seven or eight. The most awkward thing I keep with me is…Molly: Well, I do have a turkey sandwich in my bag, but…Brett: I would say the photos on my phone. The most awkward thing to happen on set has been…Brett: Well, Beau takes his shirt off a lot.Our show had aired like three times or something, and I was buying something, and my credit card did not work. " And I was like "Oh, no, she has really good credit..."Your most awkward celebrity crush is…Molly: Well my celebrity crush is the definition of an awkward person. He lived an hour east of LA and Pamona, and he used to go and capture rattlesnakes and kill them with this knife, and then he would like cook soups or whatever. They're empty, but they're very 70s and very weird.

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