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, wrote the season two premiere and directed another episode.Highmore plays Dr Shaun Murphy, a surgical resident with autism, in the medical drama, which debuted to enormous audience numbers back in 2017.Because of that, there's a responsibility and onus on actors in the show to be aware of their own performances, and track their own character arcs over time."So I guess it didn't feel like a completely different change in dynamic, because everyone is always looking out for each other."Is the next logical step to write *and* direct a single episode?This provides Wilson with the movie’s one scene with a modicum of emotional resonance, and gives George the motivation he needs to wake up.Wiesen’s overwritten screenplay has flavorless dialogue, scant humor beyond the cute, smile-inducing variety and zero complexity.But without them, a movie with almost nothing to say would probably be even emptier.

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Smart but directionless George’s malaise causes him to check out in class at the uptown Manhattan prep school he attends.

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Anyone who can’t see where it’s going when Dustin meets Sally is asleep. It also demands a dramatic catalyst, which is where the now-standard fallback of the financial crisis comes in.

As George’s options shrink in the run-up to graduation, the situation at home implodes.

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