Are justin and selena dating

and they’re like just who you think about when you think about, like, A Couple. And again, I totally don’t care who is dating anyone, obviously, but I just kinda felt good when I heard that Selena wore that jersey to the hockey game. K, cool, one less dumb thing to worry about, y’know?

So there’s something just kind of comforting about knowing that they’re back together because isn’t that, like, how the universe is supposed to be maybe? Like there is so much shit going on, and not just at school or whatever. It’s good that there’s at least one thing that makes sense.

As all her fans around the world love the star’s songs.

We hope the star is able to manage both and we can see her in movies as well as listen to her songs!!

But they broke up and he, like, unfollowed her whole family on Instagram or something, so they are totally done. And anyway, it was never like Selena and Justin were ever really into each other.

Yeah, they, like, got in some fights and stuff, but they’ve always secretly been, like, practically married.

Speculations of the stars being back on emerged late last month when Selena, who recently had a kidney transplant, hosted Justin at her home.

The following weekend, the pair spent the day at Justin's mansion and were even seen attending a Bible study group together.

Selena Gomez on top of her game since dating rumors are concerned.

But obviously Justin will do something stupid in, like, to completely mess this up because that’s just what he does.

Remember in 10th grade or whatever when he straight up peed in that bucket?

She also added that Niall is really a cool person who loves his singing and she admires him, and they both are calm and good friends.

Also, from time to time, Selena has mentioned how she finds Niall Horan extremely cute.

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