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When confronted with a serious and irate Ron at the climax of the "Little Diablos" incident, his bravado quickly fled and he complied with Ron's demand to address him by name while cowering in the rain.After the Lorwardian global invasion, Drakken and Shego appear to have given up villainy while being hailed for their part in helping to save Earth.It was only interference from Team Possible and one or two minor mistakes he made which foiled his plans.Earlier in his career, Drakken demonstrated a surprising lack at piloting his own hovercraft, being incapable of properly operating it even when faced with threat of his own exploding nano-tick., Drakken accidentally mutated himself, causing yellow daffodil-like petals to grow around his neck as well as a prehensile and semi-autonomous vine.The reason for Drakken's blue-toned skin is never revealed.

He became irritated whenever someone reminded him how Professor Dementor enjoyed a more impressive reputation as a villainous mad scientist.

It is also known that his skin coloration is somehow tied to his evil, as, when it was removed by the Attitudinator, his skin color returned to a natural color after a gradual process, and, when transferred to Ron, it turned Ron blue until it was removed from him, restoring him to normal, and returned to Drakken, making him blue once again.

Drakken was a self-categorized "evil megalomaniac" who was fueled by pettiness and jealousy.

However, those which Team Possible did not destroy had a tendency to fail on their own, or be otherwise obliterated by a glitch in one of his faulty and less than fully thought out plans.

Drakken repeatedly proved to be especially bad at programming artificial intelligences, which almost always resulted in his robots either turning on him or misbehaving.

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