Are zac and vanessa dating

Zac and Michelle, who was 35 years old at the time, were seen on together while on vacation in Italy, cuddling and kissing on a boat while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Hence 2006, seems lucky for her as she accumulated a lot of respect, fame, honor, and praise.

The pair shared pictures on their Instagram accounts throughout their relationship, but the pictures were soon deleted following their breakup in April 2016.

Supposedly, Efron was the one who ended things with a source close to the actor claiming distance and work schedules got in the way.

Vanessa gave her acting debut in 2002 on CBS sitcom as a guest.

In the following year, Vanessa again got a supporting role in ‘Robbery Homicide Division’. She rose to limelight in 2006 from a popular musical movie ‘High School Musical’.

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