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Afterward, he also modeled for several other campaigns, advertisement, and events.

As per his acting career, he made his debut as Michael Kelso in series “The ‘70s Show” in 1998.

Sobbing about how I was so tired and feeling helpless.

I had just gotten off the phone with my sister after having a full little kid meltdown.

“I feel like I told my sister that, “Man, ugh, alright, gotta cross him off the list.'”; PHOTOS: Genetic Jackpot!

Top Celebrity Kids Turned Models But she says the awkwardness didn’t last very long, and she quickly accepted his role as stepfather.

contestant took to Instagram that day to open up about a stomach problem that she's been battling for the whole month of August. I felt helpless and scared and so utterly overwhelmed.

I have been sick almost the entire month of August that started with food poisoning to then an unknown stomach problem where I haven’t been able to eat because when I do it feels like my stomach is on fire to the flu that turned into a sinus infection.

As per his education, he attended Washington High School in Florida.

Previously, he also modeled in the initial stage of his career.

Presently, he is a prominent figure in the media for starring in the psychological thriller film, “The Butterfly Effect”.

The next year he made his debut in the film, “Coming Soon”.

He was already gaining huge popularity through his portrayal of Michael Kelso. Afterward, in 2003, he starred in the film, “Just Married”.

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