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Built on the Roslyn and Mono compilers, Cake lets you write your build scripts in C# and run them directly on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, locally or on any CI platform of choice. Config R is another Roslyn compiler-powered extension of the C# language, using a simple and flexible domain-specific language (DSL) to replace static configuration files (XML or JSON, for example) with C# code files.

With more than 100 community add-ins, Cake has support for everything from cloud storage, orchestration and messaging, to controlling containers, virtual machines, and web servers. This allows not only for a simple and flexible configuration for .

Enable your community to quickly ask questions and through community voting, decide which question is going to be answered first. You should have a successful and rewarding business partnering with Mix ERP.

So, we've decided to redefine our partnership structure to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Because we feel you're so special, we've made it completely free and open source.

Why not download Mix ERP and install it on your own server? The powerful natural language processing enables you to create events on the fly by simply using an English sentence. Mix ERP adapts to your manufacturing process so well that every single production order runs live along with what's happening in your work center.

A multi-establishment restaurant management system that also takes care of your multi POS areas.

Use the user-friendly layout designer to draw your seating arrangement.

Thanks to these changes, there's been rapid growth in innovative and unconventional uses for C# and the whole . Let's check out five of the most exciting projects: 1.

Be competitive and decide the correct license fee structure for your clients on case to case basis. No one knows better than you about what works best for your market/territory.

Rebrand/white label Mix ERP by getting a different commercial license which allows you to do so. is a software development company based in Felixstowe (United Kingdom) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

Manage your table orders with ease and with visual cues quickly understand what's going on.

An intuitive and easy to use knowledge base system with user engagement system.

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