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They talk about the 10 million feet of lumber used in construction; the 2,500 workmen employed on the job; the more than 4,000 railway freight cars that brought in supplies and equipment; the 25 miles of pipe laid in the town and mill; the 20 million gallons of water used every 24 hours by the mill—and a lot of other things, all staggering in size and volume.But a town is only as interesting as its people and I was more interested in seeing what made them tick than 1 was in looking at long rows of figures on a chart.Everyone said that first thing they did online, was to search for free porn or some hot naked chick pictures. So that's why we wanted to make a free and nice site for you, where you can explore through huge directory of babes. Standing there by the big black water tower overlooking Marathon, I found it hard to believe that three years ago there had been nothing here but the bush and rock and the bleached bones and empty whisky bottles left behind by the builders of the Canadian Pacific Railway who had passed this way more than half a century earlier.Back in the 1880’s they, too, had founded a town on this site. So we invite you to bookmark this page and come back again.

It had been cut by men like the big, tobaccochewing Frenchman and rafted behind tugs from the mouth of the swirling, muddy Pic river, 12 miles across the bay.

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Hair as black as a priest’s habit straggled over the collar of his sweat-stained bush shirt. Men often do when they come out of the pulp-cutting camps after weeks of slogging in the snow-filled forests, swinging an axe or bucking a saw through jack pine, balsam and spruce. He and the hundreds like him back in the bush camps. And out in the bay, one of the best-sheltered deepwater harbors in this part of the country, I saw a stubby little terrier of a tug plodding shoreward past the strange humpbacked islands that stick out of Superior’s cold, trout-filled waters.

The young man beside me pointed out the burly Frenchman. They’re the fellows who deliver the woods.”“And made this town,” I suggested, jabbing a thumb in the direction of Marathon—an million community hacked out of the bush wilderness 125 miles east of Port Arthur on Lake Superior’s rugged rocky north shore. But it was the sight of the wood that made me catch my breath.

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