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Met with SW Inspector the other day and all seems to be in order for them to process but he mentioned that with regards to backdating, that it was only done in exceptional circumstances.I would have thought that it would be backdated to the date of my application and it was not my fault that they took this long to sort out, the delays were on their side, I furnished everything they requested and followed up continuously.(2) The lesser number of hours referred to in paragraph (1) is— where the claimant is a responsible carer or a responsible foster carer for a child under the age of 13, the number of hours that the Secretary of State considers is compatible with their caring responsibilities for the child during the child’s normal school hours (including the normal time it takes the child to travel to and from school); or A claimant is to be treated as not having complied with a work search requirement to apply for a particular vacancy for paid work where the claimant fails to participate in an interview offered to the claimant in connection with the vacancy.the Secretary of State is satisfied that the claimant has taken all reasonable action for the purpose of obtaining paid work despite the number of hours that the claimant spends taking such action being lower than the expected number of hours per week; and (3) For the purpose of paragraph (2)(b) the time agreed by the Secretary of State for the claimant to carry out voluntary work must not exceed 50% of the claimant’s expected number of hours per week.(4) In determining the reduction period in relation to a sanctionable failure, a previous sanctionable failure, UC sanctionable failure or ESA sanctionable failure is to be disregarded if it— it is to be disregarded in determining the reduction period in accordance with paragraph (1).(3) Where the sanctionable failure for which a reduction period is to be determined is a pre-claim failure, the reduction period is the lesser of— where the sanctionable failure relates to paid work that was due to last for a limited period, the period beginning with the day after the date of the sanctionable failure and ending with the last day of the limited period,—(1) The reduction period for a low-level sanction is the total of the number of days referred to in paragraphs (2) and (3).

(2) The Secretary of State may extend the period within which a claimant is required to accept a claimant commitment or an updated claimant commitment where the claimant requests that the Secretary of State review— —(1) The expected number of hours per week in relation to a claimant for the purposes of determining any limitations on work search or work availability requirements is 35 unless some lesser number of hours applies in the claimant’s case under paragraph (2).(4) For the purposes of paragraph (d) of the definition of “couple” in section 35(1) of the Act, two persons of the same sex are to be regarded as living together as if they were civil partners only if they would be regarded as living together as husband and wife were they instead two persons of the opposite sex.(5) In this regulation, “polygamous marriage” means any marriage during the subsistence of which a party to it is married to more than one person and the ceremony of marriage took place under the law of a country which permits polygamy.Hi, I applied for JSA (from JB) in April this year and have been waiting for my claim to be decided since then.I had been following up with SWO regualrly but kept being told it would be sorted soon.

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