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“He violated my cardinal rule, which is he asked me about my mom within the first minute of talking to me.” Watch the clip above. “I remember that something that I did made him shut down. But as Cohen noted, it was all for the best, and the two men are now best buds, even going on tour together.Also Read: CNN Says Anderson Cooper's Twitter Hacked: ' We're Working With Twitter To Secure The Account' Cooper is the son of heiress and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt and, apparently, gets skittish when potential romantic partners pry into that too early. Also Read: Andy Cohen to Replace Kathy Griffin as Anderson Cooper's ' New Year's Eve Live' Co-Host “You know what, it worked out for the best; here we are,” said Cohen.and Marisa Tomei (Yes, Tony Stark and Aunt May were in a rom-com together!) love it up onscreen, you need to check out these neglected movies ASAP.Nicole (Melissa Joan Hart) and Chase (Adrian Grenier) have grown up right next door to each other.

Many of our favorite '90s romantic comedies are already considered classics.

Lelaina (Winona Ryder), the valedictorian of her college class, makes a mock documentary about life after school with her friends — finding jobs, navigating relationships, figuring out their sexuality, and everything else in between.

Along the way, Lelaina meets Michael (Ben Stiller), a video executive who takes her homemade video to his station, and soon they become an item.

But when their respective significant others dump them, Nicole cooks up a plan that'll get her a date to the school centennial, and make Chase's ex jealous.

is a rom-com that takes off those rose-colored glasses.

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