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Nothing says, “We just met, but you’ll learn to accept my idiosyncrasies” like taking a first date to a restaurant with taxidermy all over the walls. But if you think this person will be into the lumberjack thing, then by all means.

Coming here is like having cocktails at a cabin in the woods, except you will likely not see a live bear.

(That’s a nice memory for you to talk about with the five children you’ll eventually raise together.) The bar is a nicer place to sit, but if you’re the kind of person who needs a solid plan, make a reservation for the dining room just in case.

Your date will be so impressed she won’t even care when you finally admit you only listen to Action Bronson.Grab a spot at the bar for a few rounds of sparkling passionfruit punch, and add the cheeseburger bao and crispy creamy chicken curry puffs if things start to get serious.We like drinking margaritas on the rooftop here in the summertime, but the lively indoor dining room works well for an early-in-the-game date, too.Food-wise, we especially like the steak tacos and chipotle chicken enchiladas.If nothing else, you will at least figure out how good your date is at using an eyedropper, since for some reason, that’s how you add hot sauce to your food here.

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