Birth order and dating compatibility

Birth date compatibility reports are available on some online websites, but they are really so readable.

There are many things you might to get confused and sometimes upset about.

The older sister of brothers all her life has been taking care of little boys growing up.

The youngest brother of sisters all his life he has been taken care of by older sisters. And there is a direct positive correlation between their place in their birth families and the stability of their marriage. Dr. Leman is a former family counselor turned author and public speaker.

He is the last to leave, and parents will create more of a dependency in order to keep what looms large at bay, which is namely, going back to their adult life without kids. So they will often keep that last child around longer, keep him more dependent, and those traits will spill over into his marriage which, if he marries a first born daughter, can work out quite nicely as both of their needs are met,” said Curtis, author of “The Business of Love,” which applies successful management principles to marital unions.

The best way to calculate Birth Date Compatibility is to compare your numerological charts.

If you are well-acknowledged with personality types, you probably can figure out the type of your partner on your own. Builders and Explorers as Kersey noticed in his book are taken "over the universe", leaving only ten percent to directors and negotiators.

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To match with someone, you obviously both should take a psychological test.

The process is pretty complicated, so we would not suggest you to do it by hand, even if you have your charts available.

Special software, used by modern astrologers calculated your birth date compatibility in seconds.

Since we've got four major personality types, this is how usually the match is made.

We are going to use the most advertised personality type system by Helen Fisher (

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