Black men dating whitewomen

The sister Lecia Michelle wrote, “Dear White Women married to Black Men, we didn’t give you a Black Card.” An article written by Lecia Michelle. The interracial relationship between Blacks and Whites started way before the founding of America. On plantations, in the South, so as in the East, and, perhaps, sometimes the Northern part of the United States, slave masters were having babies with enslaved African women and disowning them.Because of this, Americans who claimed that they are full “White” may have “BLACK” in them than what their outer appearance shows.I would, however, like to flag the fact that Black women were excluded from this piece.

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Never put them into a fixed narrative of being one thing, while they are beautifully unique.They are obsessed with size, they love the aggressiveness in bed, the thug life mentality in general, which of course is an imaginative stereotype, but aye. Remember, the one-drop rules still apply, that Pres.Obama, who is bi-racial could still be deemed as a “BLACK-PRESIDENT.” That Trump with a shady past and some extremist views could be called the “PRESIDENT” of a diverse nation, yes, this is America.Let’s get to the question: Why do White Women Love, Dates, or Married Black men? You don’t get an honorary Black card, black membership, or Black pass. It’s not to overstep or silence Black people who have a voice or act as if one knows all about “BLACK-AMERICA,” all just because one is sleeping with a (brother) brotha.If one throws this question at the (Black women) sisters, you’ll get some of these answers:1. For if you don’t speak up now, yes, your bi-racial babies with that Black man will face racism and some form of discrimination in their lives.

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