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I'm actually grateful when Sansing, Williams, and others point out my errors and shortcomings.They do a great service to me personally by helping me to learn and to keep me from spreading long-lasting errors on the AECM.It would be better if they shared their experiences early on with new software and databases and interesting Websites before being prompted to reply on the AECM.Richard Campbell is very good about early-on sharing with software.Click here to search Bob Jensen's web site if you have key words to enter --- Search Site.

Every successful entrepreneur and many top corporate people will tell you their key to success: I did what I felt driven to do at the moment.So when you get asked this question, you can say: "I intend to be happy and productive five years from now, working at a job I love in a company that values my talents" and leave it at that.Or you can give the expected answer and say: "I hope to be three levels up the ladder, here at Happy Corp." Or you can say: "I hope to own this company," just to shake things up. Can we change the ones we use in job interviews every decade or so?Bob is so energetic, he sends out links to all the interesting and related sites that I could ever possibly use.I recall when Ed tatooed a Nike swoosh on Bob's forehead. I hate to take too much credit for some things that are mostly due to circumstance.

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