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When Mary Beth finds out Bay and Ty have plans she replies with, “That’s a good sign,” which worries Bay.

She tries to talk to Ty about his time on the base and overseas, but he ends the conversation quickly, not wanting to talk about it.

Bay later gets a text from Ty asking to see her again at Maui Kansas. Bay walks over and Ty, acting surprised, asks what she's doing there.

In This Is Not a Pipe, he is confused and suspicious when he sees Bay in the neighborhood, and accuses her of trying to score some pot because in his mind that is the only reason a "rich white girl" would ever be in the neighborhood.

Ty later calls Bay saying that he thought he fixed his truck but broke down again on his way the way to Bay's house to apologize for his behavior when Bay offered him the money for his truck.

In Dance Amongst Daggers Bay tries to convince Ty to attend the Buckner Hall scholarship fundraiser but he rejects the offer saying it's not his scene.

This upsets Ty very much and he even gets physical with his friend, telling him to apologize for disrespecting a girl like that. In Distorted House Ty apologizes to Bay about his overreaction the day before and the two make plans to hang out.

After Ty leaves Mary Beth approaches Bay and reveals that Ty and her brother Justin were stationed in Kabul together.

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