Bob jones ban on interracial dating Meet just for fuck not login

In 2000, Bob Jones III dropped the interracial dating rule.

Pornography, homosexuality and sexual activity outside of marriage are all strictly banned.

In a move that’s been more than two years in the making, Bob Jones University announced Wednesday it would regain its federal tax-exempt status on March 1, more than three decades after the IRS stripped its nonprofit status following a landmark U. The conservative Christian university dropped its interracial dating ban in a nationally televised interview with past president Bob Jones III on CNN’s Larry King Live in 2000.

The issue in the court case was the university’s refusal to allow interracial dating or marriage among students, staff or faculty of the university, a rule it has since abandoned.

In 1947, it moved to Greenville, South Carolina and changed its name to Bob Jones University. BJU continued to appeal up to the Supreme Court, where it lost its case in 1983.

Rather than give up its interracial dating policies, the University paid a million dollars in back taxes.

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