Bow wow dating keyonnah

“People [at school] used to get so mad at me ‘cause he was all I talked about,” she explains.

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The rest of Keyonnah’s “proof” is as follows: She messaged this Facebook fan page thinking it was Bow Wow officially.

As Dee sees it, this Bow Wow con was her thing, and you can’t fault her for having a thing.

It’s funny, then, that she makes up a whole ‘nother thing about being some big-time Atlanta musician, Dee Pimpin’, who apparently doesn’t know that open mike nights aren’t paying gigs and does not have a website.

Keyonnah doesn’t really cuss her out, though; she just shuts down.

The latter half of the episode is the Dee show, and it’s a fascinating watch — like it was engineered to be that way.

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