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She needs to gain 25 kg so that they can redistribute the fat and make her bum even bigger. Before Fame: She had her first cosmetic procedure when she was 20.Born in Serbia, Russia, her family moved to Sweden when she was a child.Natasha Crown is a 24 year old Glamour model from Gothenburg, Sweden who is known for having one of the biggest bums.

Despite having an uncertain future in the show, Drayton still took out time to support her ex-castmates and give a shout-out to fans. JAL802KI— Poppy Drayton (@Poppy Drayton) October 12, 2017Poppy Gabriella Drayton was born on June 7th, 1991 (Gemini), in Surrey, England, United Kingdom.

In addition to being cast to play one of the lead roles in MTV’s new fantasy drama series, The Shannara Chronicles, she also landed a handful of other gigs.

She appeared in the film Down Dog and had roles in TV series Father Brown (Episode: “The Ghost in the Machine”), Midsomer Murders (Episode: “The Killings of Copenhagen”), and Plebs (Episode: “The Phallus”).

However, her role didn’t quite last as fans would have liked as her character sacrificed herself to save the Ellcrys and everyone else in the end of season 1.

However, Terry Brooks, the author of the novel which the series is based hinted a possibility of Drayton returning to the show if MTV so wants it.“I will say that once a chosen becomes the ellcrys tree, they are always the tree,” Brooks told Just Jared.

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