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While Small Hands strokes away preparing for the sex scene they're about to shoot, Brooke tells me she wishes she'd been a bit older when she got into porn and that when she entered the business at 18, she wasn't ready. "I worked for nine years straight and I never took a break." she says.

"In this business, it's unheard of for girls to be working that long. I put out so many movies doing the exact same thing. ' I just wanted to learn more and learn it in a safe environment." So she quit porn and went to college at a California state university.

— it's not unheard of for a girl to be shooting barely legal at 18 and then transition to MILF at 25.

Instead, Brooke is jumping in where she left off, and the demand is high.

Brooke's co-star for the scene is a new-ish sensation to porn known simply as Small Hands (which, by the way, does not correlate to the size of his penis! Hell yeah, I'll fucking do it." Small Hands, whose real name is Aaron and who got into porn via dating Joanna Angel, says he grew up knowing about Brooke.

I think I just got burnt out, and I was a child." -style, as it were. (She didn't want to share the name because she's now in grad school at the same institution.) At first, Brooke says returning to school was intimidating. She had to acclimate to a much rigid way of life and said that asking professors for permission to use the rest room was particularly odd.

She was a porn zombie, if you will, except instead of eating brains, it was dick. She also worried what her fellow students and professors might think of her and of her past.

Stormy says she was psyched to book Brooke for her first feature back.

"I knew Brooke when she was in the business the first time around, but I never got to direct her," Stormy told

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