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The Bride and Groom are dressed up in traditional Berbedak attire which is different for each one.

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In most Brunei Malay weddings, the ceremony is held on the same day with the Akad Nikah.

In some weddings, these may be carried out on the same night of the Malam Berbedak whilst others keep them separate.

This tradition is mostly practiced by only those in the Brunei Muara District and not in Tutong or the other districts.

Here, under the grace of Allah (God), the groom vows to accept the bride's hand in front of witnesses.

The Malam Berbedak or Night of Powdering is a ceremonial event where family members and friends/family are invited to 'bless' the Bride/Groom by anointing the Bride/Groom with an ointment made from colored rice flour and scented oils.

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