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Earth is also moving at its highest orbital velocity as the gravity of the Sun boosts our planet’s speed as it swings by. You might observe up to 25 meteors per hour radiating from the area just north of the constellation Boötes.There will be no Moon in the night sky to wash outer fainter meteors, yet visibility would be best after midnight.

Contact the school directly to verify enrollment eligibility.It will be at its brightest for the year and offers a good chance for those with a telescope to see its major moons.In addition, the rings will appear slightly brighter during opposition as each of the ring particles from our vantage point appears fully illuminated.This shower is notable for it is produced by dust particles left behind by the well-known comet Halley—which is also the source of debris for the Orionid shower in October.The comet orbits the Sun every 76 years, making it next visible from Earth in 2061. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, but may appear anywhere in the sky at the rate of 10-30 meteors per hour at Nashville’s latitude.

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