Celiac disease dating site

(Spoiler alert: I got a new shampoo without wheat protein in it and my year of foggy brain went away in just a few days.Always check your hygiene products, and all labels in general. )As someone who works full time, runs a food blog, and owns small gluten-free cookie business, I don’t always have time to make elaborate meals.

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When we first started dating, he didn’t think twice about gluten — sandwiches for lunch and crackers as a go-to snack.

Meaning that, besides really wanting cookies, I'm always prepared.

When I spent Super Bowl weekend with Nick's family, I brought a backpack of books, clothes and hygiene products. Nothing but food in the form of 4 Tupperware lunches and dinners, a jar of chia seed pudding, 1/2 pound of mixed raw veggies and dip, a mix of Oatless Oatmeal, sunbutter, mixed seeds and fruit.

” I guess he could read my mind and said, “In case you want to eat off my plate.” From that moment, I knew I had a keeper!

With any disease it is nice having a partner that has your back.

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