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Then I realized that he hadn't come home alone, 3 of his buddies were also with him, and they all appeared to have had a lot to drink. Why don't we just make new plans, in fact I've got one already in mind." He pushed me back onto the bed and threw my skirt up over my waist, then he roughly ripped off my panties. " "Don't worry about them, just enjoy what's going to happen to you.

I stood up and started to say something to Don but before I could open my mouth he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the bedroom. He lifted my legs and spread them with his hands until my pussy was completely open for him. You always liked this before" He looked down at me through my spread legs and smiled lewdly.

I recognized that smile and knew that I was in for a session of fucking that would leave me panting for more.

His friends were quickly forgotten as his tongue dived between my legs and stabbed at my pussy.

I could feel his balls slapping against my face with every thrust.

The two guys on each side of apparently were quite willing to come to my aid.

They pulled my hands away from the pillow I been holding onto and pulled away from my body.

Then I felt 2 more hard cocks, one on each side of me.

I could feel my pussy starting to cream as he kissed and sucked on my lips. Come on, I'll show you." He lowered my hips to the bed left me laying there as he walked into the living room. He moved me around and sat me down on the back, then he slowly forced me back until I was practically lying upside down, my cunt with easy access to Don as he stood behind the couch. " I grabbed onto a pillow from the couch, bit into it to stifle my screams as I felt his cock push against my cunt. Suddenly the pillow was pulled away from my face, and Don was standing above me.

He sucked my meaty cunt-lips into his mouth forcefully and I strained my hips toward him. " I wanted to ask him to stop, to pull his lips and tongue off of my pussy and wait till his friends had left, then we could continue in private. His tongue assaulted my pussy again, playing across my clit, spreading my lips, and stabbing at my tight asshole which was now completely available to him as well. In one quick thrust, that huge cock spread my cunt-lips and forced it's way deep inside me! Before I could say a word, he leaned down and filled my mouth with his hard cock.

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