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He biohacks "because it's cool," he says, talking about the technical side of things at length and digressing to get into a long discussion about the state of battery technology worldwide.

Like many biohackers, Samppa also wants to push the limits of human capability.

Finnish body modification artist Samppa Von Cyborg has done it all.

He's reshaped clients' upper ears to look elven and split tongues to make them lizard-like.

Aneta, 36, is a striking woman with long dark hair and thin, dramatically arched eyebrows.

A small subset of bold body modders, like Samppa, are putting technology from simple magnets to working vibrator implants inside their bodies to supercharge their erotic lives and make cyborg sex a reality.

Starting a car motor also felt good, and the notion of "feeling the music" in a club took on new meaning, as, according to Samppa, large speakers produced enough of an electromagnetic field to give Aneta sexual pleasure.

"As far as I know I was the first who had a clitoris magnetic implant," she says.

He's best known for his Lovetron9000, a vibrator implanted at the base of the penis that's aimed at, well, shaking things up for a partner.

Bald and often bearded, the 40-year-old Utah designer and father of two has been working on the Lovetron for years, along with a number of other biohacking projects.

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