Chat for couples

You&Me is meant to be a catch-all for lovey dovey communications, but I have to admit that I didn’t test the app with a romantic partner. After several hours of mocking the features, we were in agreement: As two goofy, app-happy women in our early twenties, we had never seen anything better ever OMG what is life.

Like all of How About We’s products, You&Me is designed to bring couples together—and then keep them that way.

So You&Me lets you send images that are “fogged up,” with “steam” to be wiped away to reveal the image.

A bit cheesy, perhaps, but rather brilliant: Private photos can remain in the stream of conversation permanently, with no worry that they’ll be revealed accidentally as you scroll through the messages in public.

More details can be found here: Terms and Conditions can be found here: You can change the app icon to one of our Pride edition icons (or stay discreet with a plain one).- Private Photos are available to all Majestic Members: share special snaps with Connections only.- Read Mal, our quarterly literary journal, accessible via our updated Settings section.- A whole load of tweaks to make your Feeld experience that much smoother!Eine mittlerweile recht komplexe App mit Messanger, Benachrichtigungen, Pinnwand, filterbarer Mitglieder-Suche und -Übersicht sowohl dem neuesten Feature, einer Live-Übersicht von Clubmitgliedern, die sich in relativer Nähe befinden!Vielleicht hakt es manchmal noch hier und dort, aber in der Substanz eine klasse App, die sich hervorragend intuitiv bedienen lässt. Sowohl die App, als auch den Club kann man nur empfehlen.But the feature that makes this app really, really feel like something the tween crowd will devour is “halfsies.” What are halfsies?These are halfsies: I suppose one could make the argument that making your half of the photo match up to the other half is some kind pair-bonding exercise. (We’re actually very proud of that last one.) In any case, this silly feature solidifies the app as something that friends will want to use.

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