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Bot List – Bot List is the best resource to find and experiment with bots.They are the “App Store” for conversational software.If you’re not a programmer, you’ll love the drag ‘n drop template designer.Assist – A done-for-you service that will build Facebook Messenger chat-bots in addition to bots for Amazon Alexa & Google Home.(Below, I’ll show you some platforms for creating a customer service bot.)If you’ve ever chatted on Skype or Messenger with a “customer service rep,” you might have more than just help you book a hotel in Bali or buy a pair of sandals for the summer.

You can also monitor and control the Litter-Robot with the Connect app when you're on the go.

Botsify is used by some of the larger brands like Apple and Shazam.

If you’re a programmer, you’ll be thrilled with the integrations via plugins.

Marketers who aren’t coders (isn’t that most of us? Creating a chat-bot is as easy as any marketing Saa S or tool you’ve used. This means that entrepreneurs and small businesses can get all the power of a chatbot without being tied to a monthly subscription.

To create my first Facebook bot, I used Mobile Monkey. Many Chat – These templates help to save time and give you some insight into how to create a conversational bot experience.

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